Tapbot disables Tweetbot when it transforms into Mastodon » Amrita Bazar

Tapbot disables Tweetbot when it transforms into Mastodon » Amrita Bazar

Now that Twitter has confirmed it’s banning third-party followers, some of the most important options are gone. Tapbots stopped working on Tweetbot, one of the most popular iOS apps, because Twitter rendered it non-functional “in the blink of an eye”. The developer instead turned to Ivory, an app for Mastodon, an open social platform. Although limited to an invite-only test at this time, TapBots hopes to make the software “better than Tweetbot.”

It’s not the only major Twitter app developer to shut down. IconFactory removed Twitterfy from the iOS and macOS App Stores, destroying Musk-era Twitter as a company that “no longer recognizes it.”[s] As reliable as possible. Meanwhile, Android users can use Mateo Villar’s Fenix ​​(which is no longer available on Google Play) or Luke Klinker’s Talon (whose creator warned “will no longer work”).

The closures followed nearly a week of disruptions and unclear reports. Many third-party apps suddenly stopped working on the evening of January 12, with leaks suggesting it was intentional. Twitter later admitted that it was breaking these apps to enforce “long-standing” development rules. The social media giant then officially updated its developer agreement to ban unofficial subscribers.

Third-party Twitter clients generally haven’t played a big role in recent years. In 2018, Sensor Tower found that 6 million users installed 560 million alternatives to official Android and iOS apps. However, this ban will not help Twitter retain its users and protect its bottom line. Users of third-party apps download their favorite software precisely because they are active and want features that official apps don’t offer (such as more powerful previews and media searches). Twitter’s policies risk alienating users who dislike proprietary apps.

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