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Tapur-Tuupur Two Tapur sisters came to the cinema

Tapur-Tuupur Two Tapur sisters came to the cinema

 Look at the photo of the girl with Moushumi, do you recognize her? I know, many will. Because this sweet face is very familiar. Amitabh Reza Chowdhury, Matia Banu Shuku, Chayanika Chowdhury and several other producers have seen him in dramas, TV movies and commercials. But the interesting thing is that many people will be confused if they want to know the name. Is it Tapur or Tupur? This question will come back. It’s supposed to happen.

Because they came to earth on the same day with a time difference. They were named Tapur and Tupur from the lineage of Ravithakur. These two sisters also entered the acting world together. Audiences were also captivated in a short time. But even though it all goes hand-in-hand, their big-screen debuts don’t happen together. This time leaving Topur, Tapur’s journey began in the colorful world of cinema.

His first film ‘Deshantar’ is out tomorrow. Ashutosh Sujan produced the film based on poet Nandit Nirmalendu Guna’s novel. Where the history of partition and patriotism is presented. In this, Tapur has young actors like Ahmed Rubel, Moushumi, Mamunur Rashid, Momena Chowdhury and Yash Rohan as co-stars. His performance was praised by everyone.

Producer Ashutosh Sujan also admitted that Tapur’s Mansa character in the film is quite prominent; What he commonly represents on screen. Of course, this is not surprising. Because they grew up in the culture. Father Satirth Rahman Rubel is a popular actor and producer in the country. Ma Ghulam Farida Chanda also captured the hearts of the public as an actress. However, Tapur became known to the public not because of his parents but because of his talent. Still, working from the small screen to the big screen is a challenge for everyone. It’s not at all easy to absorb a character and make it believable to the public.

So Tapur was asked how this difficult task was possible. To this, Tapur said, “I try at the start of any work, to get a sense of the character by reading the script. Parents are always supportive, this time I got extra support from producer Ashutosh Sujan, Mrittika Guna and all the artists and crew of the film. The desire to bring out the best in me came automatically from the presence of these talented creators and artists. So I worked independently. How well I got there, now the audience will tell.

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