Taylor Swift made history


Taylor Swift made history

All of the top 10 songs on the US Singles Chart this week are all songs by Taylor Swift. This American musical artist achieved this feat as the first artist in history.

Drake, another American music star, previously had the most number 9 songs on the US Top Ten chart. He set this record in September 2021. The previous record for most top 8 finishes was held by legendary band The Beatles. Their 1964 record was broken by Drake, who was quickly beaten by Swift.

According to a BBC report, Swift has been busy with her new album. The album also set the record for best-selling album of 2022 immediately after its release.

In a tweet, the pop star wrote, “10 out of 10 from the Hot 100??? On my 10th album ??? I am at the slaughterhouse”.

The 32-year-old music star’s “Anti-Hero” topped the charts this week. The chorus of this song is “It’s me. Hi! I’m the problem, I’m me” is quickly trending on Tik Tok.

Other top 10 songs include Lavender Haze, Maroon, Snow on the Beach, Bejeweled and Karma.

All 13 songs from Taylor Swift’s album Midnights made it into the top 15. Thanks to this, it surpassed the record of 11 songs from Sam Smith’s ‘Unholy’ album and 12 songs from ‘Bad Habit’ album. ‘ from Lacey.

Additionally, seven bonus tracks from the Deluxe “3AM Edition” of the “Midnights” album also ranked between 20 and 45 in the US Top 100.

The BBC wrote that Swift announced her new album just before the end of the MTV VMAs in New Jersey in August this year, which came as a “surprise” to her fans.

Clever marketing campaigns also played a role in Taylor Swift’s phenomenal success, according to the BBC.

However, music magazine Billboard reported that Swift could have captured all of the top 10 spots with streaming alone, even without album sales and airplay.

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