Technical Tips how-to-unblock-a-user-on-instagram-know-step-by-step-process


Technical Tips how-to-unblock-a-user-on-instagram-know-step-by-step-process

Currently, Instagram is a very popular short video sharing platform. Instagram is slowly gaining popularity. Apart from sharing not only reels and posts, Instagram users can also message and call each other directly. Recently, Instagram launched the Notes feature for users. With this feature, users can express their thoughts through words.

Meta Company’s platform releases new features one after another with Instagram users in mind. Instagram offers both private and public account options for users. By opening a public Instagram account, anyone can follow that user. This results in some users following the account at the time, which the user may not like. This results in the need to block these users.

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But like any other platform, any blocked account on Instagram can be unblocked later. To unblock any account on Instagram, go to settings. It is possible to unblock this account by going to Instagram settings and following a few simple steps.

How to unblock users on Instagram –

To unblock any user on Instagram, they need to open Instagram from their device. Then click on the profile icon at the bottom right. Then click on the three dots icon at the top right. There are various options here. From all these options, click on the setting option. Then select the privacy option.

Then scroll down to see the blocklist option. Click on this option. Now the blocked contacts list will open. Then those who need to be unlocked should click on the unlock option given in front of them. In this way, it is possible to unblock any user on Instagram very easily.

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How to block users on Instagram –

But no need to go to settings option to block any user on Instagram. In this case, the profile of the user who is to be blocked must be opened. Then click on the three dots icon. Then click on the block option. After clicking on the block option, this account will be blocked.

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