That’s why Bubli went public with the news of the child

That’s why Bubli went public with the news of the child

Actress Shabnam Bubli went public with the affair after two and a half years of giving birth. Shakib Khan has also admitted that he is the father of Bubli’s child.

The question arose, why has Bubli been hiding the proud news of becoming a mother for the past two and a half years? And why did he suddenly put the case forward by posting baby bump photos on Facebook? Shakib also candidly admitted.

In response to these questions, it can be said that Bubli was worried and angry about two recent incidents. Thanks to which he posted the photo of the baby bump on Facebook.

Bubli was scared or apprehensive with the news of actress Apu Biswas visiting Shakib Khan’s home and the two celebrating their son Abram Khan Joy’s birthday together.

After celebrating her birthday, Apu Biswas posted several photos on Facebook with the caption “Happy family time”. Everyone will pray for us.

In different images, Shakib and Apu are seen giving Joy cake at the same event. Shakib-Apu’s family members are also there.

After that, Shakib himself wrote an emotional status wishing his son Joy on his birthday.

Bubli’s anxiety only increased after these matters were revealed.

Especially after the status given by Shakib aiming to win, the anxiety reached extreme levels.

In the status, Shakib wrote, “Life is so good because you (Jay) have a father.” Dads never show off, they show off!

Just 3 hours after this Shakib Khan status about Joy, Bubli posted 2 photos from 2 years ago on his verified Facebook. Where her baby bump is visible.

Bubli captioned the photo, “Me with my life.” So all the speculation started.

According to many, Bubli could not accept Shakib Khan status on his birthday with AbRam Khan Joy, son of Shakib Khan-Apu Biswas. Revealed the secret pride hidden deep in the mind as he unveiled the baby bump photo. Father Shakib Khan expected such status from his child.

According to sources, Bubli increased the pressure on Shakib to give the child status.

Shakib is also worried, if he doesn’t obey, will Apu come on live TV with a kid like Biswas, Bubli!

It is also heard in Dhali Para that several meetings were held at Shakib Khan’s house in Gulshan on this subject. A few people close to Shakib Khan were present at the meeting. After the discussion and compromise between the two parties, Shabnam Bubli confirmed the child’s issue on September 30 around noon and wrote in a Facebook post, “We wanted to see an auspicious day to bring our child in front of everyone. “. But whatever Allah does, He does for good. The good news did not wait long. Shehzad Khan is the son of Vir, me and Shakib Khan. Our little prince. My child is my pride, my strength.

Shortly after Bubli posted on Facebook, Shakib Khan also posted the same. Recognize the child.

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