That’s why Shehnaz jumped on the security guard


That’s why Shehnaz jumped on the security guard

Bollywood star Shehnaz Gill is in talks again. But this time, he made headlines by overthrowing the security guards. Shehnaz was surrounded by her fans as soon as she stepped out of a function in Dubai recently. Everyone wanted to take a selfie with the actress.

Shehnaz Gill was not at all embarrassed by the behavior of her fans and posed with all requests. Security guards tried to push away Shehnaz’s fans to protect her from the crowds and the stampede.

The matter did not escape Shehnaz’s attention. Instead, he ran over the security guard. Annoyed, Shehnaz said to the security guards, “Where is your problem? They only want to take pictures… Please don’t cause panic.’

That's why Shehnaz jumped on the security guard

This Shehnaz Gill video has gone viral across the internet. Fans are pleased with such use of Shehnaz. Some fans also wrote a letter to his team praising Shehnaz. Where Shehnaz is again referred to as “the child”.

It is noteworthy that Shehnaz Gill came into the limelight overnight after appearing on the show Bigg Boss 13. Even after the death of Siddharth Shukla, he made headlines on several occasions. At the moment, the number of his fans is not less. Fans dubbed her “Katrina Kaif of Punjab”. The crowd thronged to see and touch him face to face. Shehnaz has acted in Bollywood movies before. His film is now awaiting release. Shehnaz is also expected to be seen on an OTT show.


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