The 8-year-old lover complains, Salman Khan was beating and the waitress…

The 8-year-old lover complains, Salman Khan was beating and the waitress…

Salman Khan and Somi Ali. Photo: From Instagram


Salman Khan and Somi Ali. Photo: From Instagram

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is associated with many women’s names. One of these people is Somi Ali. They had a love affair. But one day it broke. That Somi Ali said Salman beat her regularly and her maid used to ask Salman not to beat her.

Somi, who claimed to be in a relationship with Salman for eight years, made various explosive comments about Salman. He again advanced explosive information against Salman.

Speaking about her bitter relationship with Salman, the former actress recently claimed, “Everyone around my house, including the maid, knew he (Salman) could assault me,” ADTV reported. My maid kept knocking on the bedroom door and begging him not to beat me anymore.

Earlier, Somi shared a movie poster of “Mayone Pyaar Kiya” on her Instagram account and wrote, “He is a woman abuser.” Not only me, but everyone was treated by Salman. He molested a lot of girls like me. Please stop worshiping him. He is a ruthless person. You have no idea.’

Somi also said in the complaint, “The makeup artist used to put a lot of foundation on my neck to cover the scars.”

Somi Ali moved from Miami, USA to Mumbai, India at the age of 16 in 1991 to marry her teenage crush Salman Khan. After a year, she not only met Salman, but slowly fell in love. The Salman-Somi romance was the talk of the town in the mid-90s in B-City. But that relationship ended in 1999. Somi then returned to his home country of the United States.

After returning to the United States, Somi Ali began her studies. A few years later, he formed an organization called ‘No More Tears’. The association helps people who are mentally and physically abused. In an interview, Somi Ali said that she broke up with Salman because of Aishwarya Rai.

Earlier, former Miss World Aishwarya Rai publicly accused Salman of touching her body.

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