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The actor injured the student while filming the movie

The actor injured the student while filming the movie

Filming authorization was taken in advance by the administration. Filming has also started. Morning shot. But the crowd gathers to watch the shooting.

The crowding of people because of shootings in the middle of the street is not new. So, from the film crew to the actors, everyone was doing their thing. Filming has also started.

The scene was where actor Rajpal Yadav arrived on a scooter. After the camera rolls, the actor follows the director’s instructions and drives the scooter down the road.

And just then, a student came in front of him. Unable to control the scooter, the scooter hit the student directly.

Filming has stopped. People associated with the cinema also interacted a bit with the locals. The matter was taken to the police. The student filed a complaint with the police for being hit by Rajpal Yadav on a scooter.

Counter Rajpal Yadav also complained to police that the student showed up during the shooting. A few others were also obstructing the filming with this student.

Police later said the scooter Rajpal Yadav was shooting was an old model. whose clutch cable has been cut. As a result, the brake did not hold. And since he couldn’t control the brakes, the scooter hit the student.

However, the student’s body showed no signs of injury. However, police said the matter would be further investigated. The incident happened in Katra district of Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh. — Written with the help of news agencies

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