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The actors are supported by theater creators!


The actors are supported by theater creators!

Actress Monira Mithu. Overcoming various adversities, he recognized his caste with honesty, hard work and acting. Regularly works in dramas, web series and movies. He spoke to Ittefaq about his acting thoughts, the current status of character actresses, and many other aspects of the industry. Interviewed AM Rubel

Work on two new films. What is your role in these films?

The work of the movie ‘Jale Jwale Tara’ is already finished. Now (yesterday) I’m shooting for the movie ‘Chadar’. I had the opportunity to play two important roles in both films. In the movie Jalye Jabale Tara, my role had a small scope but it was a very difficult role. Not only the filming, but also the dubbing had to suffer. And I’m one of the 3 main characters in the movie ‘Chadar’.

Are you busy with other work besides this one?

I am working on several single and serial dramas. I will start working on the next season of the drama ‘Bachelor Point’. A few days ago, I performed in a play called “Paap”. I played two characters of two ages.

Many say OTT has created a place where true artists can prove themselves. How are you ?

You see, I’ve also done quite a bit of OTT already. But the sad truth is that there are plenty of contemporary male characters in OTT works, but no female characters!

But now web-movie series are made mainly based on the story. The actors are chosen according to the needs of the character…

Yes, there are stories in the works now. But if you notice, you will see that there are very few female characters (character actresses) apart from the heroines. Even if you meet again, you will not find its extent. Even if I don’t regret anything! However, the actors were held back by the theater creators.

Monira is sweet

OTT works are buzzing. Is the drama happening behind the scenes or not?

No, I do not think so. My pieces have survived for centuries and will continue to exist. Because theater is an ancient art, which is not in danger of being lost!

Regularly works in dramas, web series, films. Where do you really want to see yourself?

I want to continue working as I work. I don’t want to think about where I’ll see myself.

Actresses in our country always have to go through difficult times. How unfavorable was the path from this place to today’s Monira Mithu?

This long journey was really very difficult. I was able to create today’s post through a lot of hard work and effort. In addition, there is the confidence of the creators and the love of the public.

Monira is sweet

Industry stars talk about personal pursuits rather than work. Is the artist’s image damaged?

The image is in crisis. But the artists also bring back this image with their work. In fact, people don’t remember the negative aspects of their favorite stars for long.

Lately, many stars are expressing their dissatisfaction with YouTubers. What comment would you make?

Now YouTube channel and online Bhuiphond started as Banger Chata. Artists are degraded by them. I think the government should speak up to put an end to these unethical activities. They should be prosecuted for defamation and shut down forever.

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