The actor’s words that make you think and cry…


The actor’s words that make you think and cry…

Studied at public university, got good results too. But he did not run after a good job. Due to his boundless love for theater, he moved to Manchpara. This is why he spent days, months and years half-bellied, starving, in extreme poverty. But the love for the stage did not go away.

The name of this drama freak is Masum Aziz (70 years old). Who left on Monday (October 17) for the land of no return. Various chapters of his career return to his death.

Masum Aziz received the national Ekushey Padak award this year for his outstanding contribution to the world of theatre. When told of the price, Apluth broke down in tears. Howls and cries. In an instant, the days of inhuman toil lit up in his eyes.

Masum Aziz gave a reception after receiving the medal. His words were a perfect blend of reality and emotion. If you listen to it, the mind may become absorbed in thought or the eyes may become watery.

He said, “I came to Dhaka when I was seventy-six. Pajamas, a shirt and an indestructible pair of legs. From the University of Chittagong, I came with very good results. But I was looking for a way out of this insistence on doing this theater. I didn’t get out of Dhaka despite many good offers, so I couldn’t find a job. Even after getting many good jobs, I returned them saying that I will not go outside of Dhaka.

Masum Aziz was a member of the “Padatik” theater troupe. He joined this team in 1979. The actor did not leave the party until his death. Run behind the stage to earn your living. As a result, the actor had to spend the day in extreme poverty.

Masum Aziz commented, “I can’t tell you how many hours I went without food. I ate half on my stomach, came to TSC Rampura and repeated, walked again from TSC to Rampura with five taka in hand. With this money, I bought half a kg of rice and potatoes and entered the house. I was living in Dhaka city with my wife and children. But I didn’t leave the theater even for a day. I went to sleep at the theater, I slept with the play, I woke up with the play. At least that, I can swear.

This actor cried while saying the words.

This talented actor enjoyed prosperous days in the 90s and later. He said, “Since we started doing dramas on a personal level, we make money from dramas and we make a lot of money. I raised children and made people. But after hearing the news that day (the news of getting eleven medals), I remembered the past. I have suffered so much, it is perhaps a recognition on his part. That’s why I say, let the stage win, that’s the prize of all stage and theater troupes in Bangladesh.

Notably, Masum Aziz was not only an actor but also a playwright and a producer. Apart from plays, he has also acted in films. It has movies like ‘Ghani’, ‘Gahine Shabad’, ‘Guerrilla’, ‘Aeto Prem’, ‘Gaariwala’ etc. Among them, he won the National Film Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in the movie “Ghani”.

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