The actress’ mother beat world beauty Aishwarya in beauty


The actress’ mother beat world beauty Aishwarya in beauty

Entertainment desk: Asmudrahimachal is crazy about the magic of Bollywood beauty Aishwarya Rai’s look. What’s the real secret to her blue-eyed good looks? You can’t find a person who hasn’t thought about this question. All the followers are in awe of her looks. She won the title of “Miss World” in 1997. After that, the actress entered Bollywood. But you know what? Her mother Brinda Rai is more beautiful than Aishwarya. Now suddenly Aishwarya’s mother is being discussed on netpara.

In fact, it is difficult to separate mother and daughter at a young age. Because Aishwarya looks a lot like her mother. Even though her beauty diminished with age, it is clear that she was more beautiful than Aishwarya. The actress grew up with her mother’s care. Aishwarya is the parents’ dearest child. The actress lost her father Krishna Rai in 2017. After the death of the father, the mother became the only person close to the actress. Recently, the actress celebrated Aishwarya’s mother’s 70th birthday with a bang.

She shared a photo of her mother with Aishwarya’s daughter Aaradhya on social media. Aishwarya Roy has a lot of similarities with her mother in the movie. Netizens were shocked to see this match. Aishwarya’s mother is a screenwriter by profession. He wrote the screenplay for Aishwarya’s film Dil Ka Rista. This film is jointly produced by Aishwarya and her mother. This 2003 movie was a super hit at that time. It is understood that the actress’ exposure to art came from her mother.

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Aishwarya has always been supported by her mother Brinda Devi to open her place in Bollywood. It is hard to understand who is Aishwarya and who is Brinda Devi if the photos of mother and daughter are placed side by side. But one thing must be said that Aishwarya’s mother was once more beautiful than Aishwarya.

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