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The answer to the question lies in the lyrics entertainment

The answer to the question lies in the lyrics entertainment

Popular musician and actor Tahsan Khan. This star who has given many concerts will sing in front of an exclusively female audience. Ran talked to him

The public is only female…

A special concert will be held at Bashundhara International Convention City on December 2. Because only the female audience can participate here. It’s basically part of a two-day event called Female Fest. Apart from me, Nemesis group, Pritam Hasan, artists like Sandhi will sing in this concert. I learned from the organizers that more than five thousand women will participate in this festival. Concerts are organized to entertain them. I hope to have a different experience.

Studio or stage…

I like to sing more from the studio to the stage. The connection with the fans is strengthened during the concert. I will sing on stage as long as I am. I did several concerts in the last three months in the United States, in Canada, in Australia. There are also several concerts in Europe in December. During this time, I do concerts in the country.

Sometimes a break…

I take a break from the beginning. I have been singing for 20 years from 2002 to 2022. I took a break and sang again. In fact, you have to work with breaks. There have always been breaks in my career. The breaks have continued to strengthen the career. This breakup deepened my bond with my music fans.

Group music practice…

The new groups are doing very well now. There are some good songs, but all over the world you’ll find band music that’s a bit neglected. Because listening to group music requires a slightly more discerning listener. Informed audiences are rare. But the audience for band music is growing day by day. I think the band will do better in music in the future.

Current acting thoughts…

I did theater for a long time. Now I need time to live up to my performance. I will do a good thing or two in OTT. In fact, beyond trade, you have to think about industry. So the break in this performance is to match the art. I think I gave the audience what they had to give. From now on, the field should be left to newcomers. Everyone has time. In the drama, it seems necessary to stop now, I have stopped. I’ll be busy with music and doing a special theater project. There is talk of working in a film in January of the new year. A short action movie.

New chapter…

My recent “Sei Tumi Ke?” The answer to this question is in the lyrics. I erased everything in 12 lines of the song. You will find my thoughts there, the meaning of life.

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