The artist’s filming scene called ‘paapmukt cinema’ is in the open air


The artist’s filming scene called ‘paapmukt cinema’ is in the open air

After a long time, Dhaka started booking subatas in movies. At such a time ‘Bhaiyare’ was released. The film’s producer and actor, Russell Mia, attempted to enter the discussion by sometimes driving a rickshaw, sometimes pushing a wheelbarrow. But all of his efforts went beyond the movie release. Russell Mia went viral making weird and offensive comments like ‘sinless cinema’, ‘see you after ablution’. He was even seen bawling in a video – which went viral.

Russell Mia, while speaking to the media, called the film a “sinless movie”. He wept as he swore this claim. But then posted a status apologizing for the comment. He explained the status comment. “I mean, I haven’t committed any personal sins or my team has committed any sins. I mean there are thousands of good people in the industry who aren’t involved in any kind of evil activities. They are involved in cinema simply because they love the culture, making films – that’s what I mean.

“I went into a room and saw a full house. Unable to control my emotions, I told reporters – this is a sinless film. I didn’t want to call the movie halal, haram or sinless. Russell Mia unconditionally apologizes if anyone was offended by her statement.

After this incident, a filming scene of Russell Mia spread on social networks. A woman is seen hugging and kissing Russell Mia. When asked about it, Russell Mia said it was a filming scene, not the movie “Vaiyare”.

The film was released in 5 theaters in Vair. After the release, Russel Miah was seen in a good mood, but upon investigation, it was found that the sales report at the capital’s ‘Chitrali’ Hall was very bad.

It should be noted that Russell Mia played the title role in the movie ‘Vaiyare’. Other than that, there’s Elina Shammi, Zara. Helena Jahangir was also seen in this film. Recently, he said about this movie, “The movie Vaiyare won’t break even if you watch it with ablution. His comment went viral on social media.

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