The audience is captivated by Tatini’s smile


The audience is captivated by Tatini’s smile

The laughter of Tanjim Sayara Tatini is the television audience of the time. Last name added for a sweet smile – Suhasini. He also directed a play under this name. Of course, the “Taqdeer” web series; And the series ‘House No-96’ brought more talk to Tatini than ‘Kalpana’ by Piplu and Khan. Tatini said, “The job was like a dream. I played with actors like Sara Zaker Apa and Zahid Hasan Uncle. They didn’t understand that I was new. Worked with great sincerity and humility.’

Last Eid, Tatini was seen in Vicky Jahed’s ‘Banchibar Holo Tar Sadh’ and Mizanur Rahman Arian’s ‘Suhasini’. Tatini also starred in Rubel Anush’s “Newmarket”. This work found an echo on the Internet. Suhasini has this research. He said there had been a huge response for ‘Newmarket’. Its story and production were fantastic. In the meantime, I acted in Sharad Prate by Chayanika Chowdhury. This work was also good.

It is known that Tatini starred in the movie “Jaya and Sharmin”. He didn’t want to say much about this movie. He only said: ‘Now is not the time to give details on this film. I played a small role. However, this character has an influence on the character of Jaya Ahsan. Although I didn’t share the screen with Jaya Ahsan or Mohsina Apa.’

Talking about other work, Tatini said, “I’m doing a photo shoot. I will work in two dramas with Yash Rohan and Tausif Mahbub. Filming after a few days. Apart from that, there are discussions on a web series of “Hochhai”.

Tanjim Sayara Tatini

Although working on television and web platforms, Suhasini does not think about films. You want to learn to play but you can’t find the time. He said, “I am still studying. It will take another year and a half to complete. It is not possible for me to devote time to large projects. I wanted to study acting at the Prachynat School of Acting and Design. But going there in parallel with studies will become difficult. So I learn to play while working.

Tanjim Sayara Tatini

Soaked in the love of the public, Tatini said she has never been the victim of negative comments. So when the public appreciates, it appreciates. Turning to the subject of acting, I wanted to know about another talent of Tatini. He paints beautiful paintings. According to him, he painted a lot during the Covid. I redrew that day. After about a year and a half. In fact, I’m lazy.

Meanwhile, Tatini, a student at North-South University’s Faculty of Commerce, loves to travel during her semester vacation. This time Darjeeling has arrived. He said that at that time a work schedule was set. The work was not done to travel.

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