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The ‘Beauty Circus’ again in the capital

The ‘Beauty Circus’ again in the capital

The film ‘Beauty Circus’, made on the history of Bangladesh’s struggle after the liberation war, is back in the capital. The film directed by Mahmud Didar will be screened at the ongoing Dhaka International Film Festival on Tuesday, January 17.

It was selected for the competition in the Bangladesh Panorama category. The film will be screened in the auditorium of the National Museum at 7 p.m., festival authorities said.

The very first film about the almost defunct national circus industry was released on September 23 last year. Famous Bengali actress Jaya Ahsan plays the lead role in the film as a circus girl ‘Beauty’. The star-studded film also stars actors Ferdous Ahmed, Tauqeer Ahmed, ABM Sumon, Shatabdi Wadud, Gazi Rakayet, Humayun Sadhu, Manisa Archie and others.

After its release on the big screen, the film was highly praised by critics and audiences. Writer and critic Ahsan Kabir wrote about the film – ‘Beauty Circus’ is a film about free intellectual practice and non-sectarian Bangladesh. Beauty Circus is the story of a woman’s solitary struggle to defend her social responsibility and bring her back from the dark world of fundamentalism towards the path of light. Beauty Circus is the story of telling those who were against freedom, wearing the mask of religion, that they are still against bowl songs or the circus. Beauty Circus is the first post-independence film about the circus and the monumental history behind it.

The 'Beauty Circus' again in the capital On the other hand, Minister of Education Dipu Moni, while watching the movie, commented, “Beauty Circus” is a movie to look forward to. Beauty is a symbol of female power, a symbol of courage and also a symbol of the spirit of our war of liberation. Women are the greatest victims of communitarianism and the protesting character of the circus of beauty is also a woman. ‘Beauty Circus’ is a remarkable protest against communitarianism.

Director Mahmud Didar said: “Beauty Circus is a very important film for its time, which came out after many setbacks. This film can reach the generation properly through the hands of the state, society, writers, intellectuals or progressives. Everyone is invited to watch ‘Beauty Circus’ at one of our country’s biggest film festivals.”

On February 6, 2017, Mahmud Didar shot the film with the participation of about 2,000 villagers with the participation of 2,000 production partners at the Great Circus Sacrifice in Manikganj, Sapahar, Naogaon. For this, it was necessary to build circus pandals and organize village fairs. Although production began in 2017, it took nearly five years to complete the film’s scope and massive production schedule. Due to Corona, the release of this highly anticipated film has been delayed.

The voices Sharmin Sultana Sumi of the group Chirkoot, Evan and the group Tuntun Baul of Ashes sang three songs from the film. The 'Beauty Circus' again in the capital

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