The beloved faces who lost the showbiz arena this year

The beloved faces who lost the showbiz arena this year

The showbiz world has lost quite a few of those who make everyone happy with entertainment. A number of people who have made outstanding contributions to the world of motion pictures, small-screen plays, plays, and music have passed on into eternity. Some of these famous people include composer and music director Alam Khan, legendary lyricist Gazi Mazharul Anwar, actor Masum Aziz, actress Sharmili Ahmed, lyricist KG Mostafa, Azizur Rahman and musician Akbar.

The country’s prominent lyricist, director and producer, Gazi Mazharul Anwar passed away on September 4 this year. He has written numerous songs for radio, television and film for almost six decades. Also directed and produced 41 films. Not only that, he has been writing songs for Bangladesh TV since birth. He received Ekushey Padak in 2002.

Popular actress Sharmili Ahmed passed away on July 8 this year. He has acted in many TV movies, dramas and plays during his long career. He acted in about 400 television series and about 100 films.

Alam Khan, one of the finest composers and musical directors of Bengali songs, passed away on July 8 this year. He has won the National Film Award six times. The country’s music industry suffered an irreparable loss in losing him. Songs composed by Alam Khan include ‘Hayre Mansoor Rangan Phanus Dum Furaile Thus’, ‘Dak Deen Dayal Amare’, ‘Ki Jadu Karila Piriti Shikhaila’, ‘Sabai Toh Luha Chai’, ‘Jeevan Story Bagi Chai Chai’ etc.

The famous actor and medal-winning playwright Ekushey Masum Aziz died on October 17 this year in a private hospital in the capital. He won the National Film Award for his performance in the film ‘Ghani’. Masum Aziz has acted in over four hundred plays.

Filmmaker Azizur Rahman died on March 15 this year while undergoing treatment at a hospital in Toronto, Canada. His movies include ‘Ashichit’, ‘Holiday Bell’, ‘Matir Ghar’, ‘Sampanwala’, ‘Janta Express’ etc.

Songwriter and journalist KG Mustafa died on May 8 this year. He has written numerous songs for film, radio and television. Many of his songs are still popular. KG Mustafa’s popular songs include “Tomare Leke Eta Je Good Chand Bhai Ta Jaane” and “Ayanate Oi Mukh Kahe Ke Jahe”.

Akbar, the famous singer of etc., died on November 13 in a hospital in the capital. He suffered from various illnesses including diabetes for a long time. Akbar came to the discussion singing the song “Ekdin Pakhi Ude”. After that, he gained immense popularity by singing the song “Tomar Hatapakher Bata Se”.


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