The best story and adventure in Star Wars history

The best story and adventure in Star Wars history

The Star Wars: Endor TV series was released worldwide on September 21 this year. Since then, a huge hype has been created around this TV series. The series gets a huge response due to the interesting story and eye-catching performances from all the actors and actresses.

Star Wars: Andor

The most mature and thought-provoking Star Wars story has ever come from this “Andor”. ‘Andor’ is the story of a professional thief who joins the rebellion against the super powerful Galactic Empire. This show is in a different league to all other Star Wars content in terms of quality.

Focusing on the bureaucracy of the empire was a very smart move by Tony Gilroy. Without flinching before the horrors, Gilroy divides the empire into sections like any authority. Established all divisions separately completely.

The police, the intelligence office, the politics of Coruscant, the prison system – all areas are so fleshed out that you don’t feel like you’re watching a story from a galaxy far, far away. Viewers will easily recognize the nature of Empire’s fascism, which will make the series’ message easy to understand.

The scariest aspect of the Empire shown in Ander is the actual ruler. Through two of the series’ most interesting characters, Daedric Empire officials Miro and Cyril Kern, we get deep insight into the structure and management of the Empire.

The series explores the nature of fascism from two angles. On the one hand we see the oppressed resisting, turning around; On the other hand, look at the activities, the management, belonging to the empire.

The story of the rebellion against fascism is by no means new to fantasy, but this series has treated the rebellion with the level of care seen in the original trilogy. Nowhere in Star Wars, not even the original trilogy, has the rebellion been shown in such depth or detail.

When a Star Wars show can think so deeply about fascism, power, control, rebellion, etc., you have to realize there’s something special here. ‘Andor’ is something special. “Andor” is the most mature and contemporary chapter in George Lucas’ galaxy far, far away, which began in the eighties.

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