The book was written about guitar magician Niloy Das

The book was written about guitar magician Niloy Das

Niloy Das. Who is affectionately called Niloy Da. A guitar magician born in Bangladesh. Who left the illusion of the world and stepped into the unknown a long time ago. There remain some of his guitar harmonies and the charm of his bluesy voice.

Haque Farooq and Milu Aman wrote a book about this Niloy Das. The book compiled and edited by them titled “Niloy’da” is published in this year’s Ekushey Granth Mela. In the book, Niloy Das was brought up by the top brass in the music industry. Among them are Fawad Nasser Babu, Ibrahim Ahmed Kamal, Babna Karim, Fuad Ibn Rabbi, Saeed Karim, Rezaul Russell and Milo Aman. Even the late musician Rumi Rahman talked about Niloy Das in this book.

The book also compiles two interviews with Niloy Das. Which were taken by Arc Band creator Ashikuzzaman Tulu and journalist Nasir Qaiser. There are also some of Nilay’s on-camera moments, released album photos and a full discography.

Regarding the book, writer-journalist Haq Farooq said: “In the 80s, Niloy brought together tunes from neo-classical Bengali music, flamenco, jazz, blues and rock, which was a surprise at the time! Everyone’s favorite, Niloy Da, was a guitarist’s guitarist. Later, he was the musical guru of many famous guitarists in the country. Many learned and watched from him and became proficient in the guitar.

“Through this book, we have tried to get to know Niloy Das a little more precisely. We believe that the new generation will rediscover Niloy Da through this book. Haque Farooq added.

Another author of the book, Milu Aman, said, “Niloy Da was a tyrannical man. anti-propaganda Although he is appreciated in the world of music, many generations have not been able to know him. This is our initiative to make known this “unsung hero” of our music Niloy Da to everyone, to know him a little more.

The cover of the book is written by lyricist Niaz Ahmed Anshu, the photo used on the cover is taken by Imtiaz Alam Baig.

The book will be available for direct purchase at the Ekushey Granthmela, but pre-orders will start from January 1. According to the Ajab publishing house.

In 2006, Niloy Das died of a heart attack at the age of 45. Before him, he left many timeless love songs like ‘Sei Je Chale Gale’, ‘E Sahar Dube Jaye’, ‘Lash Kata Gharre’, ‘Jakhanai Nibir Kare’.

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