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The brick wall collapsed in the crowd of moviegoers in Munmun


The brick wall collapsed in the crowd of moviegoers in Munmun

After a long time, actress Munmun has returned to the big screen. Moonmoon played the role of “villain” in the movie “Raagi”. Moviegoers flock to theaters to see Moonmoon as Khal.

And on the second day of the film’s release, an unexpected incident happened. The brick wall was broken down by the crowd of spectators.

While promoting the film on Sunday, film hero Abir, heroine Anchal and Munmun went to a movie theater in the capital to see them.

The brick-cement wall of the store adjoining the movie theater collapsed under the pressure of the overcrowded crowd.

The disappointed trader said he had never seen this before. Heroes and heroines came to me and destroyed me. People’s pressure on the wall broke.

On the first day of its release, ‘Raagi’ received a huge response in cinemas. Moviegoers appreciate Munmun’s character. Most viewers said that many people were curious to see the news of the once-popular heroine Munmun. Moonmoon captured their hearts.

On the day of the film’s release, a large number of visitors visited Madhumita in the capital, Chitramahal in English Road and New Gulshan Hall in Jinjira. Some of them were filled with spectators. As a result, the film inspection team was not given a seat in the hall.

Abir Chowdhury, the hero of the film, said, “If audiences watch our film and if we can raise funds, then audiences in this country won’t have to watch South Indian films. We can accommodate this request. I hope everyone will come to see the film.

Actress Anchal said, “In our country there is a well-established idea that a hero is like a chocolate boy. Abir Chowdhury has proven that wrong. You will understand if you watch the movie ‘Raagi’. I invite the public to come and see the film in theaters”.

Action movie ‘Raagi’ directed by Mizanur Rahman Mizan. The film has been released simultaneously in 28 theaters across the country since Friday.

Abir Chowdhury, Anchal Ankhi, Munmun, Moumita Mou, Bobby, Kazi Hayat, Zia Talukder, Maruf Aqib, Shatabdi Wadud, Soni Rahman etc. starred in various roles in the film.

Produced by Zakira Khatun Jaya, the music is composed by Ahmed Humayun. Imran, Kona, Shaon Ganwala and Kornia sang there. The songs were choreographed by Michael Babu Ratan.

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