The case of actress Saba against Ravi


The case of actress Saba against Ravi

A complaint has been filed against Ravi Aziata Limited for allegedly using content from the show “Adda featuring Sohana Saba” without permission. Besides Ravi, 14 people, including company chairman Thayaparan Sangarapillai, have been charged in the case.

On Sunday, October 2, actress Sohana Sharmin Saba filed the case as a plaintiff in the Dhaka Metropolitan Additional Magistrate Court, Tofazzal Hossain. On that day, the court recorded the plaintiff’s statement. After the hearing, the court investigated the allegations in the case and ordered the PBI to submit a report on December 15.

In this case, two companies Robi Ajiata Limited and M/s Einstein Studio were implicated. Besides the company, the other defendants are Director of Robi Aziata Limited, Nasir Uddin Ahmed, Dr. M. Sadiqul Islam, Dr. Hans Vijayasuriya, Vivek Sood, Randeep Singh Sikhon, Kamal Dua, Chief Commercial Officer Shihab Ahmed, Chief Corporate and Regulatory Officer Mohammad Sahedul Alam, Chief Information Officer Dr. Asif Naimur Rashid, Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer Riyaz Rashed and M/s Einstein Studio, Managing Partner and Managing Director Tarek Ibn Haider.

According to the complaint in the case, four years ago Tarakalay produced a celebrity speech titled “Adda with Sohana Saba”. And Rs 70 lakh has been spent on content creation and copyright registration. which circulates without permission on numerous digital platforms, including M/S Einstech Studios and Robi Aziata Limited. Many have benefited financially. But it’s copyrighted. These two companies streamed the programs online and offline without any kind of consent or license, which by law is a violation of copyright laws. Actress Saba suffered a loss of Rs 30 lakh as she did not receive the dividend due to her.


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