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The censorship board “does not know”, the “silent” ministry, but Farooqui “waits”

The censorship board “does not know”, the “silent” ministry, but Farooqui “waits”

Before that, no other film in the country had seen such a fuss over the license, and even there hadn’t been so much movement clamoring for its release. As it has been for four years with ‘Saturday Afternoon’.

The film screened at the Film Censor Board in 2019. The board also decided to grant permission. But the decision changed overnight. The film was “banned” for unknown reasons. It was later reported that “Saturday Afternoon” could tarnish the country’s image, and it was not allowed to be released.

Almost four years have passed since then. The film’s producer, Mustafa Saryar Faruqi, and those associated with the film could not be satisfied despite various appeals and protests. Finally, on January 21, the Censorship Board’s Appeal Board reviewed ‘Saturday Afternoon’ and declared that there were no obstacles to its broadcast.

But even after 10 days of this decision, Mustafa Saryar Farooqi has not received permission so far. Farooqui tries to get the attention of the authorities. He wrote to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, but got no response.

The Bangla Tribune contacted director Mushfiqur Rahman Gulzar, a member of the Film Censor Board about it. He said: ‘I or our members don’t know anything about it. The Appeal Board members went to the office of the Censorship Board and saw the film. But we have no competence to know anything about it. The chairman of the censorship board can talk about it.

Another Censor Board member, actress Aruna Biswas also said the same. He commented: “First of all, I can’t say ‘Saturday afternoon’. Because when it was screened in 2019, I wasn’t on the committee. And if we talk about authorization of censorship, we don’t give any decision. I can only express my good and my bad opinion. The decision was taken by the chairman of the board, the secretary of the Ministry of Information.

Mustafa Sarayer Farouqi The Secretary of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting must be disappointed with the members. Humayun Kabir Khondkar has been contacted. But after introducing himself, he cut off the call saying “hello hello” and later received no calls.

As a member of the Film Censor Appeals Committee, the film “Shanibaer Bickel” was last seen by journalist Shyamal Dutt. He said: ‘I cannot say why permission is not given even after the approval of the appeal board. But I think there is no reason to hold back the film after the Appeal Board’s decision.

Film Censor Board Deputy Director Md. Moinuddin. His answer: “It is now in the ministry. We can only give permission after the decision comes from there.

“Saturday Afternoon” is based on the shadow of the 2016 terrorist attack on the Holy Craftsman in the capital’s Gulshan. After the same incident, a movie called “Faraj” was shot in Bollywood. The film directed by Hansal Mehta is released on February 3.

Since ‘Shanibar Bikkel’ was shot earlier, Mustafa Sarayar Farooqui wants to release his film before ‘Faraz’ or at least on the same day. But that’s not possible if you don’t get permission. Hence the tone of regret in the creator’s voice: “I know many government officials who are completely professional, responsible and honest. I would like to believe that there are many such officers in the Ministry of Information and to the Censorship Board. We invite you to show your professionalism. After the Appeal Board issued its decision “Saturday afternoon”, this illegal delay not only calls into question your professional attitude, but also without any doubts the image of the country.”

A scene from the movie

Faruqi says, “On January 31, I wrote to the Censorship Board to quickly issue the certificate. We also indicated that in light of the appeal panel’s decision, we have taken all steps to release the film on February 3. So, without adding complexity and stigma, he managed to give the certificate quickly.

It should be noted that Nusrat Imroz Tisha, Zahid Hasan, Parambrat Chattopadhyay, Yad Hourani, Nader Chowdhury, Eresh Zaker, Intekhab Dinar played various roles in “Saturday Afternoon”.

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