The Christmas festival at Yamuna Future Park is packed

The Christmas festival at Yamuna Future Park is packed

South Asia’s largest shopping mall, Jamuna Future Park, celebrates Christmas on Christmas Eve. On Friday, the festival kicked off simultaneously at Future World and Event Station on the fifth floor of Yamuna Future Park. In both places, the presence of young people was notable. Today is the last day of the three-day festival.

Jamuna Future Park is colorfully decorated for Christmas. As soon as they enter the park, shoppers and visitors can see the huge Christmas tree. Lots of people stand near the Christmas tree and take photos and selfies. The festival is organized by Jamuna Future Park. Children receive gifts from Santa Claus at the Future World children’s funfair around Christmas. And the young people are happy.

Saturday’s visit to Future Park saw a giant Santa Claus Christmas village set up on the park’s fifth floor. People of all ages can be seen standing in front of the Christmas tree and taking pictures and selfies. There was an overflowing crowd of children and teenagers. Children also appeared in the festival holding the hands of family members.

Buyers-visitors say that such a festival under one roof is very happy. The music, the DJ performance impresses everyone. On the occasion of this festival, Future World offers various stalls of toys and food. Sells well. Santa’s Party Land-2 is the Christmas event at Event Station.

The festival organized by Jamuna Future Park is supported by Tree of Life. Dainik Jugantar and Yamuna Television are media partners. Besides Christians, people of various religions, classes and professions share the joy around the Christmas holiday.

On the first day of the event on Friday, everyone was singing the youth tune. Rock bands Anthem of Revolt and Connected rocked the day with performances. Robin and Apoorva continue to dance and sing in the DJ’s performance. Along the same lines, also on Saturday youngsters were enjoying DJ dancing, K-pop.

Cosplay of Santa Claus, K-Pop dance, game tournament organized on Saturday from noon to 9 p.m. Priyanthi, Tanu, Sameer and Apurba performed as DJs. The performance of the group ‘Boba’ was presented. Band Savagery and AK Rahul will be performing at the same venue today. K-pop DJ dancers, including Trisha and Shakib, will take part in the DJ performance.

Future World organizes a children’s toy fair on the occasion of Christmas. There’s more for them – puppet shows, magic shows.

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