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The country of my song is actually Bangladesh: Kabir Suman


The country of my song is actually Bangladesh: Kabir Suman

Kabir Suman is one of the musicians of modern Bengali music. This Indian singer came to Bangladesh on October 13.

He participated in the musical performance during this visit. Then he returned to his country on Monday, October 24.

Kabir Suman recalls his return to Kolkata. He is moved as he recalls the days spent in Bangladesh. And this talented musician expressed this emotion in a Facebook social media status.

On the afternoon of Tuesday October 25, he wrote on his Facebook: “I missed the few people who kept me alive in Kolkata from October 13 to 24. But after leaving Bangladesh, my heart tells me that Bangladesh is the land of my song, my melody, my rhythm, my lyrics, my chants, my keyboards.’

Kabir Suman feels he has found his audience in Bangladesh. He writes: “That’s where I found my audience in my current thirties. ‘

Explaining the reason, the singer writes, “They (Bangladeshi public) don’t care about my religion, my converted religion, my political ideology, my personal life. They are interested in listening to my music. People of different ages listen to my music. Not a word, no phone rings anywhere. For the first time in my life, I felt that to listen to them, I still needed to practice, to learn, to create, to keep my body and my voice in shape, to increase my mastery of the keyboards, my ability to sing.
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Meanwhile, before leaving Bangladesh, Kabir Suman sang a duet with Asif Akbar The lyrics of the song are like this – ‘Asif is now ninety-one, Kabir is running seventy-three, the night is ending as the night continues, dawn will come after the night is over…’.

The lyrics and music of the song are known to be by Kabir Suman. Its music is composed by Ujjal Sinha. The video for the song was produced by E Music, Studio Bangla Dhol and the song will be released under the Orb Entertainment label banner.

Bangladesh time: 0058 hours, October 25, 2022

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