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The country’s top 16 bands on one stage at BAMBA-Channel I Band Music Fest

The country’s top 16 bands on one stage at BAMBA-Channel I Band Music Fest

The most starred concert of the year ‘Bamba Channel I Band Music Fest 2022’ – powered by Gun Bangla was held. Thousands of spectators flocked to the military stadium in the capital last Friday to watch the concert.
The doors of the Army Stadium were opened to the general public at 12 p.m. After 4 p.m. due to the influx of visitors. The event commemorated the legendary Ayub Bachchu, the visionary of ‘Bamba-Channel I Band Music Fest’. Bands like Souls, Miles, Artsell, Souls, Warphase, Renaissance, Feedback, Orthhine, Maksud & Dhaka, Nagarbaul, Dalchut, Artsell, Untitled Vikings, Cryptic, Faith Pentagon, Obscure, Pentagon and Powersurge rocked the gig later. . By singing their popular songs, they captivated the audience until midnight.
Ayub Bachchu is an unforgettable name in Bengali music. This man of amazing music has always thought about the progress of Bengali music. He was one of the pioneers in introducing Bengali band music to the world. About 9 years ago, he demanded from the Director General of Channel I, Faridur Reza Sagar, that every year on December 1, a concert be organized in the premises of Channel I in the presence of the best groups of the country.
And the day should be marked as “Band Music Day”. To implement its plan, “Band Music Day and Concert” has been celebrated on December 1 at the premises of Channel I for 9 years.
The Bangladesh Musical Band Association (BAMBA) has partnered with Channel I to take Ayub Bachchu’s band music dream to a bigger scale starting this year. Ayub Bachchu’s dream of Bengali band music is the broadest form of ‘Bamba-Channel I Band Music Fest 2022’ powered by Gun Bangla. 16 groups participated in this concert organized for the first time at the Army Stadium. To remark

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