The deputy climbed after taking a photo eating with the workers

The deputy climbed after taking a photo eating with the workers

Shatabdi Roy, MP for Birbhum Trinamool, did not have a good day. First faced with protests, then with controversy. Of course, the reason for the controversy is of his own making. That day, after the party program, he sat down to eat with the workers and supporters. Rice and meat were served on the plate. But Shatabdi got up after photographing them sitting in front of them. He didn’t eat a single rice. The controversy started when the video of this incident spread.

According to local media, movie actress-turned-politician Shatabdi Roy visited “Didi’s Suraksha Kabach” program at Birbhum on Friday. At the end of the programme, a lunch was held in the courtyard of a party worker’s house in Tentulia village of Bishnupur region. The menu included rice, pulses, anchor curry, mutton and fish.

Shatabdi was also invited there. The MP for Trinamool visited this house after the program. As seen in the viral video, Shatabdi sat down to eat at the request of party workers. Like others, he is served food on a plate of shalpatar. But after sitting in the yard and taking a few pictures in front of the plate of food, he stood up.

Anandabazar Online attempted to contact Shatabdi Roy to find out more. But he didn’t pick up the phone.

However, a Trinamool Congress leader who was present at the scene claimed MP Shatabdi Roy entered the house to eat and drink, although he did not sit in the yard with workers and supporters. party. He said, “Many thought that Shatabdi could sit next to them and eat and drink. But everyone was tired after walking around the village all day. Didi too. Maybe that’s why he ate inside the house.

Previously, Shatabdi faced protests when he appeared on “Didi’s Suraksha Kabach” program. Locals protested around him at Margram of Rampurhat. He tried to calm the anger by talking to them.

Later, Shatabdi told the media, “Many people complained that they didn’t get housing scheme, old age allowance. He said some didn’t get government benefits in Duare. J I heard everyone. As others have been, so will they be. Everyone will benefit from the government program.

Source: Anandabazar Patrika, Hindustan Times

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