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The director of Jeet’s new film is Sanjay Samaddar from Bangladesh

The director of Jeet’s new film is Sanjay Samaddar from Bangladesh

Bengali movie superstar from Kolkata, Jeet has announced a new movie on his birthday. His next film produced and starring him is called “Manush”. It will be directed by Bangladeshi director Sanjay Samaddar. Who rose to fame by directing several dramas and OTT contents in the past four years.

Among his acclaimed works are ‘Troll’, ‘Game Over’, ‘Manush’, ‘The City Where Money Flies’, ‘Politics’, ‘Daag’.

After the announcement from Jeet’s fan page on Wednesday night, director Sanjay Samaddar from Kolkata said that Jeet Dada himself will produce this film. Next year, ‘Manush’ will air targeting Eid-ul-Azha. It is planned to start filming in December itself.

‘Manush’ will be released in West Bengal. Sanjay has not finalized his release in Bangladesh. He said that a year ago he came to Kolkata from Dhaka and met him (Jeet) at an event. I want to tell you a story. He gave me time later. Love to hear everything. Was more impressed after hearing the story, script and plan. He called me in Calcutta. Later, he became a producer himself.

Sanjay Samaddar said: Jeet Dada is a superstar in West Bengal. I feel lucky to have the opportunity to work with him from Bangladesh. It’s a big responsibility to represent the country as a director. I want to light up the face of the country with my work. After finishing this work in Kolkata, I will start a new film in Bangladesh in March and April.

Sanjay said that the heroine of the film ‘Manush’ has not been decided yet. He said, heroin is not locked. It will be announced later. Faith, struggle and reality will be addressed in the film ‘Manush’. As it’s my first film, I have a long dream about it.

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