The dream of beating ‘Mithai’, losing to ‘Jagaddhatri’, farewell to ‘Gantchara’ as a ghost.

The dream of beating ‘Mithai’, losing to ‘Jagaddhatri’, farewell to ‘Gantchara’ as a ghost.

Bangladeshi office: Star Jalsha is one of the most popular ‘Gantchhora’ series. The mega series that started with the story of three sisters a few years ago is finally coming to an end. At the beginning of the year, a lot of soap operas end together in Jalsa, including Gantchahra. “Sandstorm” will take its place instead.

Four soap operas are waiting to start in Star Jalsa. Meybela, Balijhar, Ramprasad and Kamala and Sriman Prithviraj. The old ones have to be moved to make room for so many soap operas. We have already heard that Trina Saha, Kaushik Roy, Indrashis Roy star “Balijhar” will get prime time space. It is reported that the batting slot should be dropped for him.

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According to Telepara sources, the gantchara is going to end in the next few months. The same question was posed to Khadi aka Sholanki by the media during the buzz. However, he stated that he had no news of the end of the series. However, he also informed that the actors and actresses themselves learned of the show’s closure at the last minute. It is therefore not possible to say anything in advance.

In 2021, the serial tie-up of Acropolis Production Company began. The chemistry between the three sisters Khadi, Dhuti and Boney as well as the three brothers Riddhi, Rahul and Kunal quickly caught the attention of the public. At that time, many people claimed that this series would beat Zee Bangla’s Bengal topper ‘Mithai’ at that time. Bengal became the best of Gantchara.

But the TRP has decreased over time. Moreover, Gantchara is far from being the leader of slots under the influence of Jagaddhatri, and is not even able to climb into the top five. Hence the decision to end the series. Saheb’s letter is already over, the youth has begun. The filming of Balijhar is in full swing. To see what the end result of the node is.

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