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The famous actress spent 7 minutes underwater while holding her breath

The famous actress spent 7 minutes underwater while holding her breath

He touched the hearts of many people around the world. One of his timeless films immortalized him. Even after 25 years, this beautiful Rose from the movie Titanic is still in her place. He showed he could still maintain a separate existence in Hollywood.

Tom Cruise has carved out a niche for himself playing some of the scariest scenes in Hollywood. Not a dummy, he himself gives all the blows that cost him his life.

This Hollywood star Tom Cruise acted underwater for 6 minutes while holding his breath in Mission Impossible. It is good to say here that an ordinary person can spend 1-2 minutes underwater holding their breath if it is too much. Tom Cruise even set a record by spending 6 minutes underwater.

It was the longest time spent underwater by an actor. Kate Winslet broke that precedent.

The Rose of the Titanic movie is now starring in a movie called Avatar: The Way of Water. While performing in an underwater scene, Kate, 47, suffocated and spent 7 minutes and 15 seconds underwater.

This unique example of Kate also broke Tom Cruise’s record. She is now the most stifled actress in Hollywood. Just as this realization was filmed, it was also filmed by Kate’s husband. — Written with the help of news agencies

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