The famous lyricist Mohammad Rafiquzzaman sang the song of the victory of life


The famous lyricist Mohammad Rafiquzzaman sang the song of the victory of life

Renowned lyricist and writer Mohammad Rafiquzzaman has repeatedly won the National Film Award as a music composer. His eighty years of hard work, perseverance, sadhana and success stories have sounded the victory song of life. He gave the logistics of the future experience bag trip for the students; vitality

The students listened to the story fascinated. At the same time, he took on a new enthusiasm for the struggle to achieve his dreams. Prominent lyricist and writer Mohammad Rafiquzzaman has been invited as a keynote speaker at the outstanding “Successful People, How Are They Doing” by Idea welfare organization in Jessore on Tuesday 15th November evening.

He told stories about childhood, adolescence, education, career for three hours. He brought out the story of the birth, the background of the production of the film, the story of many songs that have been loved for ages. The students were touched by these stories.

Highlighting the context of writing the screenplay for the film ‘Holiday Hours’, he said, at the time, after hearing the news of ‘a child dying in the bathroom’ from the school, I rushed to many places in Dhaka and Chittagong to find the place of occurrence. Later, when Kaptai was chosen as the school location, the script was written with bungalows there. The script was created after visiting the school again and again.

Sajeda Khatun, mother of Rafiq Uzzaman, the middle-aged woman in the song, “Standing in the Path of That Railway Line”. During the Great War of Liberation, Bhai Asaduzzaman bid his last farewell to his mother along the road beside the railway tracks. Looking down the road, the mother’s moans, cries and bleeds were highlighted in this song.

On the radio, Subir spoke about the song written for Nandi, “I wanted to be a friend but I was treated like your enemy”. He said: “Dukukh Amar Basar Rath Palank” is a story of material emotions, forms, rules evoked in material matters. Stories using a variety of similes.

In order to write a new one, he said, “It cannot be sold to public taste; The writer’s job is to improve public taste. He said, “Even if there is a desire to make a good film, the heroes and heroines have to go home for the program. A film doesn’t get made because I can’t make it.

Mohammad Rafiquzzaman said, now the creation of music is very small. The current generation is losing the old emotions, the attraction of memories. In a life where there is no love, affection, compassion, humanity, reconciliation for people; This life is not a life. Keeping people away from pilgrimages cannot expect many results. Still, I was impressed by such an arrangement of ideas. I have a chance to speak after a long time, I feel very good. And regretting why I didn’t come to these premises sooner.

At the beginning of the event, Assistant Professor Hamidul Haque, the founder of IDEA welcomed the main guest Mohammad Rafiquzzaman by presenting him with a souvenir. Rafiquzzaman’s wife, Panna Zaman, and Anuj Habibuzzaman were present at the event.

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