The first Habib Wahid of the film!


The first Habib Wahid of the film!

Habib has always had a cinematic element to his work. As is the case of his father, popstar Ferdous Wahid. Father and son even appeared together in a music video in a storyline featuring Nayak.

But the title ‘Habib Waheed first at the cinema’ is not acting. For the first time, this prince of music was playing another tune! Who gave many super hit songs to Dhaliwood in his music. He now appears in the movie “Operation Sundarban” with music by others.

The song titled “Abhimani Roddure” is released on September 12 as part of the film’s release campaign. says Dipankar Dipan.

Habib’s co-vocalist in the song is this generation’s talent, Nandita. Amlan A Chakraborty composed the music for the song with lyrics by Akishta Saha.

Habib Wahid told Bangla Tribune about the first reading of the movie ‘Anger Sure’, ‘This is my third song in ‘Anger Sure’. This is a first for the film. In fact, there was no plan behind singing that song. They approached me to sing. I wanted to hear the track, I said if you connect with me – I will sing. Then I sang.

After two decades of his career, Habib called the issue of singing in other people’s tunes an “exam.” He said, “I don’t know how good singing other people’s tune will do. I see this as an experience. I have noticed over the years that there is an interest in other composers to sing with me. Based on that, I thought to myself, let’s see how it goes. But we have to wait a little longer for the results.

Earlier, Habib released a song titled “Romantic Lagae” on his channel. The song was composed by Adib. Another song named “Beni Khule” was sung by Muza. Which was released on Kinetic Music’s channel.

Habib last performed his own voice for Shakib Khan’s star “Golooi.”

Meanwhile, “Operation Sundarban” produced by RAB Welfare Cooperative Society is released on September 23. Riaz, Nusrat Faria, Siam, Roshan, Manoj and others acted there.

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