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The first movie of the new year is perhaps the most talked about

The first movie of the new year is perhaps the most talked about

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Mission Extreme was released last year. In the story of the repression of militancy, this film ends with a certain mystery in the first part. It was then announced that the second part would come, called ‘Black War’.

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Now the teaser for this part has been released. The released teaser says, ‘Black War’ full of mystery, suspense, action, thriller can be discussed as the first movie of the new year! That’s what the public thinks. Seeing the teaser, they hope so.

Seeing the teaser on YouTube and Facebook, some write, full of fire! Someone else writes, ‘Josh!’ Someone says, ‘Brilliant, boom! We’re going to really nail the movie early in the new year. The teaser has increased interest in many such comments.

Directed by Sani Sanwar and Faisal Ahmed, “Black War” will be released on the first Friday of 2023 (January 6). About the film, the producer Sani Sanwar has already said, after the success of the first part, we come with the second part of ‘Mission Extreme’, ‘Black War’, he is really happy.

He also said there was a desire to release ‘Black War’ this year. But this film is technically very good. I had to take time because I couldn’t finish everything. We want to show the viewer the full image. I’m going to release ‘Black War’ to great fanfare on the first Friday of the new year.

It has Arifin Shubo in the central role. The presence of her toned body in the teaser is eye-catching. Also starring Taskin Rahman, Jannatul Ferdous Oishi, Sadia Nabila, Sumit Sengupta, Raisul Islam Asad, Fazlur Rahman Babu, Misha Saudagar, Shatabdi Wadud, Manoj Pramanik, Eresh Zaker, Majnoon Mizan, Sudeep Biswas, Syed Aref, Rashed Khan Apu, Deepu Imam , Ehsanur Rahman, Imran Shawdagar etc.

Prior to that, the first episode of “Mission Extreme” was released on December 3, 2021. Apart from Bangladesh, the film was simultaneously released in many countries around the world.


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