The Future is Yours – Dainik Amader Shomoy


The Future is Yours – Dainik Amader Shomoy

A scene from the play ‘Shudhu Tumimoy’

Hasan confronted Ishita while riding in the office elevator. Ishita magically attracts him at first sight. Ishita is a news anchor for a TV channel and Hasan is a business executive. Since their office is in the same building, they meet occasionally. In the elevator or in the tea room on the street. But never speak.

However, funny things happen with the two of them in the elevator or the tea room. Due to these incidents, a person’s interest in the other increases. As soon as Ishita goes downstairs for tea, Hasan hears the news, so he develops a good relationship with the owner of the tea shop below. On this occasion, the merchant buys a cell phone from Hasan.

A day after Ishita caught Hasan handling this phone. Ishita takes shopkeeper’s number and calls Hasan. Hasan is busy with work outside of Dhaka at the moment. Ishita says if Haasan likes her, he should come and say it in front of her. Hasan promises to come to Dhaka and tell Ishita directly about his love. Ishita is waiting.

That same day, while reading the news, Ishita learned that Hasan had died in an accident in Chittagong. And Ishita herself reads the news of Hasan’s death. The play ‘Shudhu Tumimoy’ was made with such a story. It is composed by Jobaid Ahsan and produced by Mahmudur Rahman Himi. And Apurba and Sabila Noor played the two main roles in the play.

The producer said the play ‘Shudhu Tumimoy’ will air tomorrow at 10:30 p.m. on Machranga Television.

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