“The future of Saudi Arabia is bright in the film industry”


“The future of Saudi Arabia is bright in the film industry”

Actress Ida Al-Kusa said Saudi Arabia’s future in the film industry is bright. He thinks a lot more people should get into the acting profession.

He said this in an interview with Arab News.

Recently, MBC Studios (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) began production of the Saudi fantasy series “Rise of the Witches” with a local cast and crew.

The company’s production department said it is producing the series based on a novel by Saudi writer Osamah Al-Muslim. It is based on ancient Arabic stories. which tells the story of an epic battle between two rival witches.

Ida Al-Kusa plays one of the series’ main characters. He works in films, soap operas and theater.

This lead actress told Arab News about it. Tells the story of her entry into the acting world and her journey so far.

Ida Al-Kusa started acting in 2019. Studied clinical psychology at King Saud University in Riyadh. He then studied marketing and American Sign Language at Emerson College.

Speaking about the future of movies, he said, “This industry is changing. I am very happy with what is happening in Saudi Arabia right now. Everything is beautiful. I feel like we are making history right now.

Source: Arab News

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