The half-melted body of the journalist was recovered from the balcony in Pallavi

The half-melted body of the journalist was recovered from the balcony in Pallavi

Police found the half-decomposed body of a veteran journalist named Biplab Zaman (58) on the balcony of an apartment in the Journalists’ Colony in Pallabir, in the capital. Biplab was an information consultant for the English daily Financial Express.

On Saturday afternoon, January 21, the police came to this house and found her body lying on the balcony. His body was recovered later that evening.

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Deputy Commissioner (DC) of DMP’s Mirpur Division. Jasim Uddin Molla said the body was found in the apartment. He lived there for rent. His body was found on the balcony of this house. The owner of this house is also a journalist. Biplab Zaman hasn’t been to the office for seven days.

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Officer in Charge (OC) of Pallabi Police Station. Parvez Islam said the semi-decomposed body of journalist Biplab was found in a flat in a building on Journalist Plot Road No.7 in Pallavi. His body was lying on the floor of the apartment.

He said police came to the house and found his body when people in the neighborhood reported the stench. The CID crime scene unit is working to collect evidence on the spot.

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