The hand-drawn poster returned with ‘Operation Sundarban’


The hand-drawn poster returned with ‘Operation Sundarban’

From the beginning of Bengali cinema, hand-painted posters and banners were used to attract audiences. The artists of the hand-painted posters are lost in the evolution of time. Those associated with the upcoming “Operation Sundarban” movie bring back the lost image in the colorful poster. They say artists who painted posters in the Golden Age with the touch of a palm have been found.

The new movie poster ‘Operation Sundarban’ is being made by them. Dipankar Dipan, the director of the film, believes that these artists are part of the tradition. He said their hand-painted posters feature various loco designs. With the passage of time, as well as many other things, this god is also lost. But we want to remember them even if we can’t bring back the iconography of the poster. If even a single poster is made through them in future films, these people will be proud to do the work they have done all their lives, even at this time.

Citing an example, the famous director of “Dhaka Attack” said that in Japan there is still a government-sponsored system of non and kabuki theaters for tourists with highly paid honors. It is one of the attractions for tourists visiting Japan and it is preserved as an icon.

RAB took the initiative to build “Operation Sundarban”. His spokesman, Commander Khandaker Al Moin, director of the legal and media wing, said that previously this profession was very lucrative. People walked behind these artists. Previous movies have been promoted with these aesthetic posters. These posters were so eye-catching that the audience came to the movie theater. But since 2010, such hand-painted posters have not been seen.

He said that RAB is trying to carry forward this tradition of hand-painted posters. Make hand-painted posters as keepsakes. Where we make 3 posters and 1 banner and inviting all the people in the industry who made handmade posters in the golden age of movies, our initiative is to present the lost tradition to this generation by making Operation Sundarbans movie posters.

From the year 1661, Vidhesh Kumar Dhar started painting posters on the wall as posters. He said that in 1665 he hand-drawn the first Urdu cinema banner. The colorful banner made by him was for the movie ‘Gunaibibi’. He also painted the Urdu movie poster ‘Poonam Kiran’. It was the first color movie poster. He said that since the war of liberation, sixty percent of the hand-drawn movie posters are mine.

Videsh Kumar Dhar said, “No one has done us the honor that RAB did us by finding us. They want to know why we moved, where we are, why artists like us are not appreciated. RAB came to our sides last time and gave us the same treatment as if we were on life support in the hospital.We are trying to make a poster with a mixture of modern and divine with our best efforts.

RAB WELFARE COOPERATIVE SOCIETY LTD. Film produced Operation Sundarbans. Director Dipankar Deepan said it was a completely mainstream movie. Action, suspense, emotions, love songs are all there. Operation Sundarban is a film to connect people. Plus, there’s an effort to make people in the class like it.

Riaz, Siam, Roshan, Nusrat Faria, Darshana Vanik, Samina Bashar, Shatabdi Wadud, Monir Khan Shimul, Taskin Rahman, Manoj Pramanik, Dipu Imam, Ehsanur Rahman, etc. play different roles.

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