The husband married his wife to his lover

The husband married his wife to his lover

After marriage, the woman has an affair with another young man. Deciding to stay together, Parikshit Debnath’s wife ran away holding hands. After that husband Shrimant Varman stood at the arbitration meeting and handed over his wife Babita to her lover.

One such incident happened at Madhigram of Balurghat in southern Dinajpur district of India. Shrimant Burman is a resident of Chakdurga in Balurghat.

It is known that Srimanta Varman was married to Chakdurga Babita. Srimant saw a change in his wife’s behavior after marriage. Inconsistencies are also seen in his speech. Babita talked a lot on the phone. There were troubles between them on various issues. Since then, Srimant can understand his wife’s love story. Later I learned that Babita was in love with Parikshit Debnath, a resident of Majhigram.

After a few days, Babita fled with Parikshit and went to Madhigram. After that, Mr. Majhigram married them in an arbitration meeting on the grounds of the Lower Primary School.

In this regard, the head of the Panchayat, Nabi Burman, said that Babita wanted to start a family with her lover Parikshit. Again Swami Shrimant made it clear that he no longer wanted to live with Babita. So Shrimant has no objection to their marriage. However, Babita did not agree to officially divorce Srimant right away. So, at the moment, socially, he and Parikshit are married, Panchayat Pradhan New Burman said. The people of Majhigram witnessed such events.

Source: Daily News.

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