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The illegitimate relationship is a big daring scene, the release is Payasi Pushpa web series

The illegitimate relationship is a big daring scene, the release is Payasi Pushpa web series

Entertainment desk: Online theater platforms have become popular with movies and series adapting to current technology. And since the popularity of this OTT medium, the special adult web series segment has become an integral part of adult entertainment on multiple platforms like Ullu, Koku, Primeshot. But aside from that, there are other special apps that are pushing the world of adult web series right now. One of these applications is “DigiMovieplex”!

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After sweaty web series like “Mera Baap Teri Mausi”, “Laila O Laila”, this time Digimovieplex app is going to bring another sweaty web series. This series will be released on the app on August 1st. The next series is called “Peyasi Pushpa”. The webseries trailer has already been released and the audience is very enthusiastic and optimistic about this webseries.

The web series, which was hinted at in the trailer, revolves around a divorced woman. Pushpa, a divorced woman, is married for the second time to a man named Pritam, but after marriage, Pushpa’s husband is unable to satisfy her physically, Pushpa later has an affair with her second husband’s son, Titu.

Later, when Pushpa’s husband Pritam learns the whole affair, you must subscribe to the “DigiMovieplex” app to know how this illicit relationship ends. Incidentally, Ayushi Jaiswal will be seen playing the lead role of Pushpa in the series.

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But so far, not much is known about the identity of the cast other than the main characters from the creators, but if you haven’t subscribed to DigiMovieplex yet, do so today and enjoy this next web series “Peyasi Pushpa”!

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