The judges were also surprised to hear the story of how a woman selling sarees door to door started her own business.

The judges were also surprised to hear the story of how a woman selling sarees door to door started her own business.

Shark Tank India, the hugely popular reality TV show from Sony Entertainment Television, is set to premiere its second season very soon. This reality show has created a different passion for business among the audience. Thanks to this reality show, many people have had the chance to realize their dreams. This time a new season of this reality show is coming. The promo for this new season has already been released, Sony Entertainment Television Official. In this new promo, it is seen that it is made of Paithani saree. That is to say, it is understood that a saree-related company is coming to set its tone in this new season. Moreover, many new startups are going to create their own company in the coming year.

In this new promo, you can see a lady wearing her company’s Paithani saree during the event. The woman’s saree company is Very Fish Indian. In this new promo, the businesswoman talks about her business. He says Paithani saree is nothing less than an emotion for Indians. He also said that at the start of the business, he took his sarees to several exhibitions. He went there and sold his sari. He also sold the saree to the person who called him to buy a saree. But it was only after Shark Tank India came to India that he started dreaming big. The businessman said that many people helped him on this journey. However, his journey has not been easy.

Not just a saree, this new promo also features a man appearing in front of Shark Tank sharks with a device to protect children. The person says that children will be protected with this device and at the same time the device will help children to learn. This person’s device is also very popular with investors. Also, another person has popped up occasionally who runs a healthy soup business. The show’s judges and investors, Anupam Mittal and Vinita Singh, also spoke about the nutritional value of the soup. All in all, the second season of Sony Entertainment Television show Shark Tank India is shaping up to be quite enjoyable. And in a few days you will be watching this show on Sony Entertainment Television. Who knows, maybe you will discover the hidden entrepreneur in you thanks to this show.

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