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The life of Elizabeth II in cinema-series – Channel I Online

The life of Elizabeth II in cinema-series – Channel I Online

Queen Elizabeth II is said to be the second longest-reigning Empress in history. He died Thursday at the age of 96. He reigned for 70 years.

Born Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor on April 21, 1926 in Mayfair, London. He ascended the British throne in 1952. Few could have imagined that she would become queen. But in December 1936, his uncle Edward VIII abdicated to marry the American Wallis Simpson, twice divorced.

Elizabeth’s father, King George VI, ascended the throne when she was 10 years old. Within three years, Britain was at war with Nazi Germany. Elizabeth and her younger sister, Princess Margaret, spent much of the war at Windsor Castle after their parents rejected suggestions to move to Canada.

She married Prince Philip at Westminster Abbey on November 20, 1947, and Philip was given the title Duke of Edinburgh.

Various chapters of Rani’s turbulent life have repeatedly appeared on the big screen as stories. Not only in movies, but from TV series to web series lately, his life has been going great. Let’s take a look at these movies and series about Rani’s life:

The Queen
Helen Miron has performed the role of the Queen of England on screen several times. However, in 2006, Helen won an Oscar for her role in the Queen Elizabeth II biopic.

The King’s Speech
The story of this Oscar-winning film revolves around the life of King George VI. Queen Elizabeth II’s childhood can be seen in this picture.


The Majestic Life of Elizabeth II
From his childhood to his reign, this documentary will satisfy those curious about all the chapters of his life. Alongside that, there are interviews with experts.

Prince Philip: An Extraordinary Life
The film is based on the life of Prince Philip. Various information about the queen was also found there.

Elizabeth and Margaret: love and fidelity
Want to know how was the relationship between Queen Elizabeth II and her sister Margaret? But you can watch this documentary.

Our queen at war
It’s a docufilm about Rani. The Queen was a young woman during World War II. How was he involved at that time, what was his role, that’s what this documentary is about.

The Royal House of Windsor
The 100-year history of the royal family is divided into six episodes. It has gained wide acceptance among the peoples of the world.

The crown
In recent times, this Netflix series has not been less practiced. The life of Queen Elizabeth II is well presented in this series. ‘The Crown’ is said to be one of the most watched series of this era.


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