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The location of the stolen National Film Award has still not been found

The location of the stolen National Film Award has still not been found

The National Film Award trophy stolen from the house of lyric poet Nandit Moniruzzaman Monir has yet to be recovered. Even though 17 days have passed since the incident of the robbery, the police have not yet been able to find a clue.

Sunday, November 20, this is what the singer told the Bengali Tribune.

Thieves smashed the windows of his house in West Merul Badda on the night of November 3 and won a total of five trophies. Moniruzzaman Monir realized this after waking up in the morning. He said three of the stolen trophies were from the National Film Awards and two from other areas.

After the incident, Moniruzzaman Monir wrote a general diary at Badda police station on 5 November. Diary number 361. The police came and visited his house and promised to rescue him. But so far no progress has been made.

Moniruzzaman Monir is quite disappointed about this. He said, “I did GD. They told me after three or four days that they had assigned different people and were trying. Now if the police won’t save, then what else do I do?

The lyricist asked the government to recover the trophies. He commented, “Government gave me the rewards, now government should find them for me. A lot of things are found when they are lost or stolen. I think the government should be more serious about this.

Best lyricist for the songs ‘Tumi Chila Aami Eka Prithitha Meghe Dhaka’ from the movie ‘Dui Jiban’ released in 1988, ‘Ae Haat Kare Nao Hathiyar’ from the movie ‘Chetna’ in 1989 and ‘Tumi Amar Keta Chena’ from the movie ‘Dolna’ in 1990. Moniruzzaman Monir received the National Film Award. These were stolen from the poet’s house.

It should be noted that Moniruzzaman Monir is one of the most famous and well-known lyricists in Bengali films. He composed songs continuously from late 80s to 2007. Some of the popular songs are – ‘Buke Khai Man, Minde Khai Asha’, ‘Ki Jadu Karila Piriti Shikhaila’, ‘Tumi Jadi Ai Aam Thira’, ‘Ami Ekadan Tome Na Dakhile, Ki Diya Maan Karila’, ‘Tomake Chai Aami Plus’. Close’, ‘Jeena ga bakhi khok story’, ‘Oh my friend will chir sathi pathachalar’, ‘I am chirkal prem erho kangal’ etc.

The last popular song he wrote in the movie is “Ek Bindu Valhoda Dao, Aami Ek Sindhu Hriday Devo”.
Apart from that, he is famous for the songs “Je Thila Drishir Bhaiyan”, “Nai Telephone Nayre Peon”, “Suryodaye Tumi Suryaasteo Tumi” etc. in Audio Bhubaneswar.

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