The lyricist of 11 thousand songs is lying in bed, no one is looking for him

The lyricist of 11 thousand songs is lying in bed, no one is looking for him

Alamgir Kabir is the lyricist for all those popular songs from Bengali movies such as ‘Chokher Jale Am Vese Chechi’, ‘Khoda, Tomar A Duniyae Am Ek Atim Ahegal’, ‘Tumi Diyo Na Jale Kanya’, ‘Matir Kole Khanti Mansoor, Thikpowa day’. .

He wrote more than 11,000 songs for cinema, patriotic, modern and Islamic. Famous artists like Syed Abdul Hadi, Andrew Kishore, Sabina Yasmin, Rathindranath Roy, Dilruba Khan, Subir Nandi, Khurshid Alam, Indramohan Rajvanshi gave voice to many popular songs written by him. But today, the singer is sick and bedridden. For lack of money, the treatment does not take place correctly!

About fifteen years ago, he left the capital with his wife and children and settled in a village house. Charduani Taluk village of Kanthaltali Union of Patharghata Upazila of Barguna. He spends his days there in bed. Nobody is watching. Even though various diseases take root in the body, they are not treated properly.

Alamgir Kabir has written songs for many movies including “Jhinuk Mala”, “Matir Kole”, “Miya Bhai”, “Shimul Parul”, “Bhai Amar Bhai”, “Nag Mahal”, “Shashi Purna”, “Kohinoor” . Most of his songs are very popular. Apart from this, Algir Kabir is the lyricist for an album song on Bangabandhu called “Raja Tumi Zwad Acho”. However, he did not get any recognition from the state.

He has three sons, two daughters and a wife in his family. The eldest son works in a private company in Dhaka. The remaining two sons studied at Patharghata University. The eldest daughter is married. The younger daughter has completed her studies in fashion design. He lives in Tenetun with the help of his son and a small land in the area. But the treatment does not continue.

Alamgir Kabir’s daughter, Tafannum Subaita, told the media: “My father was once a famous lyricist. But the state could not guarantee his minimum standard of living. He has been bedridden for a long time due to illness. But no one is watching.

Alamgir Kabir’s second wife Shahnaz Begum spoke about her husband’s fate. She took care of her sick husband. The first wife and her children live elsewhere.

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