The Missing Days Are Like Dreams: Sabina Yasmin


The Missing Days Are Like Dreams: Sabina Yasmin

On this day (September 4) in 1954, the legendary singer Sabina Yasmin was born. Today this artist leaves behind him a colorful life of 68 years. At 69, this girl who is the sun of music has the feeling that the past days seem like a dream to her.

Sabina Yasmin made her first reading at the age of 13 in Zaheer Raihan’s ‘Agun Nee Khel’ in 1967 under the musical direction of Altaf Mahmood. And didn’t look back. He has no idea how many songs he has sung in a lifetime.

Sabina Yasmin said of her five-decade career, “I didn’t realize how many years had passed in song.” The passing days seem like dreams to me. Inspired by my mother and watching my sisters sing, I started taking music lessons as a child. Since then, I sing. The love of countless people through music has given me the strength to move forward. I don’t even know how many songs I’ve sung on radio, TV and movies.

Sabina Yasmin has received the National Film Award 14 times as well as the Independence Award and Ekushey Padak in recognition of her singing.

This senior artist will spend his birthday at home. He said: “When I was a kid there were so many plans around my birthday. I don’t think much anymore. I want to spend this day like any other day. Every year I am soaked in wishes and love from fans, listeners and loved ones. Maybe nothing will happen this time too. Every year you have to go to a TV event. But this year is not going. I will stay home all day. Friends will come home. Moreover, many people in the country and abroad can also spend this time. It makes me feel good.

Sabina Yasmin is not at all satisfied with the length of the song. In his words, “everything changes over time. Cinema storytelling has changed. There are no more talented producers, musical directors like before. Therefore, there is no production of music-rich films. Movies become hits because of the songs, that’s not the case anymore. But there was a time when people only went to the theater for the music. We lose those days. Many songs such as ‘Se Je Ke Elo Na’, ‘Shudhu Gan Gaye Dhaniya’, ‘Ami Rajnigandha Phule Ke’, ‘Dukukh Love Bese’ are still playing in the mouths of the public. Over time, the songs have acquired the status of timeless. Now these creations are no more.

He also explained why the creation does not happen as before. He said, “Now everything is commercialized. Everyone works in a hurry. Everyone’s attention is on the video rather than the song. As a result, good songs are not made. Will you notice that over the last 10 years we’ve had massive hit songs in movies? didn’t get Sometimes one or two songs play in the ear but the listener forgets about it after a few days. Now the new generation of makers are doing a good job. Hopefully they will also think about music.

Sabina Yasmin is also disappointed with this generation of musicians. Addressing young artists, this Kokilkanthi said, “A lot of young artists of this era are doing very well. But many of them don’t know what to do and what not to do. Whoever can understand this, he will go ahead. Otherwise, it will fall.

Sabina Yasmin’s father Lutfar Rahman was a government official under the British Raj and her mother Begum Mouluda Khatun. Ancestral house in Satkhira. Among his five sisters, four are associated with music. They are Farida, Fauzia, Nilufar and Sabina. Her other sister is Najma Yasmin. Her brother-in-law is filmmaker, actor, composer Khan Ataur Rahman and her nephew is musician-actor Agun.

Sabina Yasmin grew up in Narayanganj due to her father’s job. He grew up in a music environment since childhood. His father sang Rabindra Sangeet. Ma used to learn music in Murshidabad from the famous musician and Ustad Kader Baksh of that time. Her older sisters Farida and Fauzia studied vocal music with Durgaprasad Roy. He and Nilufar Yasmin used to sit with them. His mother helps him in his training and accompanies him by playing the harmonium. The first song he learned while playing the harmonium was “Khokon Moni Sona”. Moreover, he learned some Supreeti Ghosh songs from his mother. He first sang on stage at the age of seven. Later, he studied classical music for 13 consecutive years under Ustad PC Gomez.

In 1964, Sabina Yasmin was a regular participant in Khelaghar, a radio program of children’s songs. His first fee from this event was 10 rupees. His companion on this occasion was fellow legend Shahnaz Rahmatullah. As child artists, they both won awards from then President Ayub Khan. Altaf Mahmood came to his neighbor when Sabina Yasmin was in class IX at Siddheswari high school in the capital. Mahmud made film music and arrangements. She and her mother asked for opportunities to sing in films and Mahmud gave her a chance to sing in the film “Agun Nee Khela” (1967).

Sabina Yasmin graduated in Sociology from the University of Dhaka. His classmates were Sheikh Kamal and his wife Sultana Kamal Khuki.

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