The monkey appeared with the baby during the wedding photoshoot, and took the picture himself pulling his wife out!

The monkey appeared with the baby during the wedding photoshoot, and took the picture himself pulling his wife out!

For many, the happiest and most memorable day in life is the wedding day. Many events that happened on this day can be remembered for the rest of your life. But the little things get lost in the abyss of memory. To capture them, many have a formal wedding photo shoot. Photos taken in various poses become invaluable resources. But at such a special time, if a monkey comes and barks, tell me what it would be like!

For better or worse, a monkey and her baby really ruined a newlywed’s wedding photo shoot. But nothing bad happened. The situation was handled brilliantly by the newlyweds and the photographer.

Video of this incident recently went viral on social media. His caption reads, “I can’t believe our videographers captured this.” What a crazy day! We loved it, just like the baby on its back. Text above the video reads: “POV (point of view): when a monkey walks into your wedding.”

In the video, the newlywed can be seen twirling his wife for a romantic video. Suddenly, a curious monkey entered the photoshoot location with a baby on its back. When the monkey first touched the bride, he got scared and walked away. But the groom was rather calm. Meanwhile, the monkey climbs on the hands of the groom with the baby and sits comfortably. As if he wanted to say, I want to be in the picture!

The groom then held them calmly and posed smiling for a photo together. Later, the bride also took pictures comfortably in the presence of the monkeys and stroked them.

Moments later, the newlyweds are seen continuing their photoshoot and the monkey watches the scene with the baby.

The video went viral shortly after being shared on Instagram last week. So far, at least 3 lakh 70,000 people have liked the post. Many others have commented.

One commenter wrote: “He (the monkey) says, hey hey, now I have to catch him too!” Another wrote: “My daughter, I (the monkey) will steal your fiancé from you”. A third user joked, “She had to look for a husband and chose you.” A fourth said: “It’s a dream come true as a photographer. What great photos!

Source: NDTV

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