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The monsoon loves Brazil, eternal so ‘calm’!


The monsoon loves Brazil, eternal so ‘calm’!

Around the Qatar Football World Cup, the hype has already started throughout the country. From the alleys of the city to the tea rooms of the village, the atmosphere of the World Cup is everywhere. Although Bangladesh is not playing in this tournament. However, big football rivals Argentina and Brazil have kept Bangladeshi football fans cool. Showbiz stars also joined in the fun.

Every day a star tells the favorite football team. Many joke. punching Actor-producer Anant Jalil and actress Varsha, the famous showbiz star duo from Dhakai, joined in this event.

Anant-Varsha was recently present at “The Majestic Affair” organized by Women Entrepreneurs. While speaking to the media there, when asked about her favorite football team, Anant Jalil said: “My wife (Varsha) is a Brazil supporter. That’s why I never say which party I support.”

Incidentally, Anant-Varsha’s new film “Netri The Leader” will be released very soon. Varsha will appear on screen as the protagonist of this film, which is a joint production with Turkey. Anant Jalil will be considered his bodyguard.

The hero works hard to represent his character on screen. Directed by Tamil director Upendra Madhav, it stars South Indian actor Pradeep Ram Singh Rawat as the villain; Who appeared as a villain in Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan’s movie “Ghajni” and got a great response.

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