The new music duo is Habib-Moutusi


The new music duo is Habib-Moutusi

Right from the start, Habib Waheed did a great job as a promoter of the newcomers. Kaya, Helal, Nancy, Nirjhar – there are many more brilliant names in this list.

Young singer Moutusi Khan is the latest addition to this long list. About which Habib has released three songs in the past seven months. He started 7 months ago with ‘Tomarei Chowate’. Then 4 months ago the duo released ‘Kotha Acho Priya’ and finally last night (13th October) their third song ‘Tui Chha Eka’ was released. However, between these three songs, Habib released six more songs from his production. Where the legendary Ferdous Waheed, Nandit Nancy and newcomer Dola were placed alongside him.

However, overriding the other songs, Habib-Moutusi’s song gives three glimpses of a new duo in music. Not only their first two, but also the last song spread sweet messages of love to everyone’s ears. Especially with the melody-music-voice of Habib that Moutusi adapted very well; This is well proven by the last song. This song is written by Suhrid Sufian.

Speaking about the new song, Habib Waheed said, “It’s a song I did very recently. I made the first melody in the middle of last month. Then I gave it to Suhrid to write. After creating the body of the song, Moutusi felt perfect for it. I called him. I released the song after I finished it. As it is not often my case. Because I have a lot of songs stored, which are completely ready. But I know why, after making this song, I wanted to listen to the public. And get a good answer.

In just 7 months, Habib retained Moutusi Khan’s voice as a co-artist in 3 songs. But the senior-junior is waiting to harmonize with him. However, Habib Wahid is very clear about this. According to him, ‘See every day I get demo voices from various young people. They want to sing with me. I also listen to all the demo voices. Separate voices that are preferred. That’s how I find Moutusi too. But with him, three songs in seven months can also be considered coincidences or fortunes. It was not planned. Because between those three songs, I recorded and released more songs.

Habib-Moutusi begins with the song ‘Tomarei Chowate’. Which also has an interesting story in the making. The young artist Moutusi sent demos of his voice to Habib, as others have done. Then he got a call to check out his voice in an original song. Habib makes him sing the song ‘Tomarei Chowate’. Even if the song is sung in demo, it’s final!

Habib told the Bangla Tribune, “Interested people usually send in demos singing other people’s popular songs. As a result, her original voice becomes difficult to judge. That’s why I always call young people who like demos for auditions. I leave any new song I have prepared and ask him to explain the melody and sing the vocals. So when Moutusi comes to the studio, I ask him to sing according to the same rules. I gave the song track ‘Tomarei Chowate’ as a test book. He sang the song in demo. It seems that the girl sang what I wanted. As is often the case rarely. I did the demo finale that day. And let go of the song. After that, two more songs were with him. I believe Moutusi will go far, that ability is in his voice.”

Besides calling on others to sing, Habib Waheed recently decided to sing along to other people’s tunes. For the first time, this musician sang in another’s tune in the film. This song from the movie ‘Operation Sundarban’ is called ‘Abhimani Roddure’. Nandita was Habib’s co-vocalist in the song released on September 12. Amlan Chakraborty composed the music for the song with lyrics by Akishta Saha.

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