“The news of SI Tutul’s second marriage is fake” – Dainik Amader Shomoy

“The news of SI Tutul’s second marriage is fake” – Dainik Amader Shomoy

Musician SI Tutul’s second marriage was revealed in August this year. This musician married Sonia, a resident of the United States, Sharmin Siraj. Currently, both are in America. If Tutul hasn’t opened his mouth about marriage yet. But after a few days Every day our time is onlineAnother country K music star said that SI Tutul did not get married a second time.

There’s been a lot of talk about it over the past month in the showbiz district. But Tutul is still silent. This time, Muna Chowdhury, a Bengali businessman living in America, spoke about his marriage. He also claimed that Tutul was unmarried.

In a lengthy Facebook status, Muna said, “Our family relationship with Tutul Bhai has been going on for many years. He’s a humanitarian. He is always selfless alongside people in people’s happiness and sorrow and in danger. To all of you who love Tutul Bhai songs and journalist brothers and sisters, I want to tell you a real news, and that is that Tutul Bhai did not marry any girl in America, everyone in our family speaks regularly with Tutul Bhai and on this occasion I asked him why you are not protesting? In response, he said, “I don’t mean to disrespect anyone by saying anything, when the time comes everyone will know the truth and I don’t have the mentality to protest against this fake and fabricated news. “

Telling the truth about Tutul’s separation from his first wife, actress Tanya Ahmed, Muna said, “But the wind of separation is blowing in his world, it can happen in your life at any time. So we don’t make fun of others, we don’t talk harshly. Tutul Bhai took or wanted someone’s money to do business – it’s really ridiculous to believe, because how a man who works for people with his hands full, stands by their side in danger, wants to take money to others? We really don’t take much pleasure in talking about a person in a rosy way that causes harm to others. And if it’s a celebrity, there’s no doubt!

Finally, he declared: “No one has been able to prove the veracity of his marriage to date and will ever be able to! Because lies are never true. Tutul Bhai spends a lot of time in America with his music. Tutul Bhai has asked for prayers from all of you. You will all pray for him.

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