The once national award-winning actor is now a rickshaw driver


The once national award-winning actor is now a rickshaw driver

Shafik Syed. He came to Mumbai with the dream of becoming an actor. But even after touching that dream, Shafiq returned to darkness. In 1988, ‘Salam Bombay!’, directed by Meera Nair, was released in theaters. This movie featured famous stars like Nana Patekar, Irfan Khan, Raghuveer Yadav.

But a 12-year-old child actor has come up against all these stars. Shafiq played the role of a young boy from the slums of Mumbai. Audiences were impressed with Shafiq’s acting skills at such a young age. He also received the national award for acting in this film.

Shafiq fired for 52 days in total. He also earned 15,000 taka from acting in the film. In fact, he was a resident of Bangalore. He had a shelter in the slum. Shafiq comes to Mumbai with some friends to see what life in Mumbai is really like as seen in Hindi movies.

After that, after starring in ‘Salam Bombay’, he decided to work in Bollywood. But no job offer reached him. In 1994, he returned to Bangalore after playing in “Patang” by Gautam Ghosh.

After returning to Bangalore, he tried to work in Kannada films. But he failed in this case too. The film’s producer gave Shafiq a chance to work, but he never came on camera. All of his work was behind the camera lens. Sometimes he worked as a scout, sometimes as a production associate.

Shafiq has also worked behind the camera in various Kannada TV series. Due to the lack of diplomas, Shafiq could not even find a well-paid job. Finally, Shafiq started making a living by driving autorickshaws in the city of Bangalore.

Shafiq lives with his wife, three sons and daughter in a nearby suburb 30 km from Bangalore.

In an interview given to a newspaper there, Shafiq said he wrote a 180-page story based on his life story. He also named the story. Shafiq still dreams that this story will appeal to a producer and that one day a movie will be made on it.

(Dhaka Times/October 2/AJ)

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