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The one I marry will receive an invitation

The one I marry will receive an invitation

Newcomer Nishat Nawar Salwar makes his film debut from Dhakai. His first film ‘Veertv’ will be released on September 16 under the direction of Saidul Islam Rana. Actor Eamon will be seen opposite him in the film. Panth Afzal told him about this film and his recent work

I went to Hajj. What was the plan to go this year?

There was no plan. I didn’t expect to leave so early. Basically, parents were supposed to go for Hajj. In the meantime, they suddenly had the chance to go to the house of God. I have been in the country for three weeks. I stayed there for about a month and a half.

Have you found your way to self-improvement?

There will be an effort to do something good on the path to self-purification. I get a lot of inspiration. Not only the rights of God, but also the rights of the servant. I understood this during this Hajj.

If you give up playing?

Not that; I will do as before.

The first film “Veeratva” is released on the big screen. How do you feel

‘Veeratva’ is my first film since its release. It’s great fun as a beginner. But at the same time, I’m scared. Appearing for the first time on the big screen in front of the public. The public has high expectations of newcomers. But I am optimistic. Because my character, story everything is a little bit different. Viewers can enjoy mystery, thrill and mystery at the same time in the movie.

The promotional poster and the film’s song were released. How is the answer?

After the character poster was released, the song “Love is Called Jae Jae” was released. The shooting took place in Jaflong de Sylhet. The song is written by Saidul Islam. Emraan and Pooja gave a double voice to the tunes and music of Ghulam Rabbi. Visitors comment under the song on Facebook, YouTube. Acquaintances welcome each other. Places, expressions, choreography with romantic songs were appreciated by all. But as a first and new film, there will be mistakes. They are expected to be lovingly avoided by the public.

To what extent did the senior artists, including Nayak Eamon, cooperate?

I’m very lucky as a beginner. I never imagined that I would get such help from everyone. I had a lot of support from all the seniors, although the streak was not so good with everyone except Eamon. However, there were many discussions and discussions with the rest of the elderly after the shooting.

Daughter of Sylhet, filming songs in Sylhet. How was the experience?

Filming at home, different sensations! I shot the song with Eamon bhai Anand. The location fits the song very well. My dream hero Salman Shah was born in this Sylhet. Again, he was buried here.

If there was a chance to act with Salman…

Not all of his films have been seen yet. But I heard almost all the songs from his films. He is everyone’s dream hero. If he was alive and had the opportunity to work with him, I would have accepted without hesitation. I don’t know if he had the chance to be a heroine!

The first film shot was ‘Swapne Dokha Rajkanya’. So ‘what you are you’. Do you remember Kabri Sarwar, the creator of this film?

I miss him a lot. My first film comes out; But he is not. If he had watched the film, he would have scolded, advised and taught. A few days ago, I was passing by Kabri’s upper house (lake side) and I was looking at his house. I remember, I used to go to his house almost every day to shoot and chat. He was my tutor. He is not; I know you are fine.

Who will finish the work of his film?

Kabri will complete the rest of the work under the guidance of your son. Since the grant is a movie, a lot is involved.

The status of not receiving remuneration from the movie ‘Bubujan’ is that…

No one associated with Shapla Media authorized payment even after the filming and dubbing of the film had been completed. I tried to contact but failed. But all their activities continue! Such unprofessional behavior is never desirable.

He smiles when he talks. Do you have vertigo?

I always want to be happy. How many days to live? What good is sorrow! If life goes with laughter…

When you call for any need, the phone is busy. Does love pass?

Love is part of life. becomes Loving! But who, it is not said. It’s secret. But it is not a medium.

If the person in love is the life partner?

It wouldn’t be fair to say that. What is written in destiny will happen. But the marriage is not now; Plan to do it after three-four years. And no matter who I marry, I will receive an invitation!

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