The only thing Dia Mirza looks for when she goes to the hotel


The only thing Dia Mirza looks for when she goes to the hotel

Entertainment desk: In the age of digital media, stars are always in the spotlight. The camera followed them all the time. Recently, Anushka Sharma was shocked when photos of Virat Kohli’s hotel room came out during the Australian tour. Virat Kohli also got angry over this incident.

Dia Mirza had such an experience almost ten years ago. After that, going to the hotel, Dia observed the room in detail. The actress is very careful whether there is a hidden camera in this room or not. But what happened to Diya that made her such a vigilant actress?

Dia Mirza made her Bollywood debut in 2001 with the film Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein. He spent two decades in this industry. But early in his career, a video of him bathing in a hotel bathroom went viral. As a result of which the actress has to suffer. After that, he became incredibly aware. Dia said in an interview, “I’m very careful when I go anywhere outside.”

A few days ago, Anushka Sharma also got really angry and said, “Fans sometimes try to enter the personal space of stars, it’s very bad.” Anushka also said, “A lot of people think that maybe only stars have to deal with such issues. I want to ask them, what would they do if it happened in their bedroom?”

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In 2000, she won a beauty contest and began her journey into the world of glamour. It’s been so many years since then. The actress just turned 40. Dia Mirza arranged a happy home with her son and her husband. But even today, ‘Shibani’ of ‘Thappad’ is not afraid of the hidden camera in the hotel room.

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