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The painful years of Mahesh Babu


The painful years of Mahesh Babu

Mahesh Babu, South Indian cinema superstar. In 1979, he entered the cinema as a child artist. This journey is still ongoing. He has given many successful films during his long acting career. His fame has spread beyond the country’s borders. This hero received the love of millions of viewers.

Mahesh Babu is busy with his family and work throughout the year. But this year is the hardest and most painful of his life! Because this year Mahesh lost important and loved people in his life. This pain of loss is very difficult for anyone.

Each person begins the new year with new enthusiasm. Bahari dreams organized. But the year 2022 started with a nightmare for Mahesh Babu. Her older brother, actor Ramesh Babu, suddenly fell ill on January 8. He was then rushed to the Asian Institute of Gastroentomology Hospital in Hyderabad. The doctors on duty declared him dead. Mahesh Babu personally had a great relationship with Ramesh Babu. Ramesh’s passing at the age of 56 has left the hero emotionally scarred.

Before getting over the grief of losing his brother, Mahesh Babu lost another loved one in the family. Mahesh Babu’s mother, Indira Devi, died before completing 9 months. was admitted to a hospital in Hyderabad due to his advanced age; He died there on September 28. It is inexplicable how difficult it is for a child to overcome the grief of a mother’s death!

The wound from the loss of Mahesh’s mother still burns. Always started working to become normal. Meanwhile, her father, actor Krishna, suffered a heart attack. After he was admitted to the hospital, the doctors spared no effort to cure him. But nothing could bring this superstar back. He severed all ties and crossed over on November 15. Mahesh’s parents left the world as a couple. The news of his father’s death dealt a final blow to Mahesh’s heart; The words of suffering shine in his eyes!

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